And God Saw The Light, And It Was Good

I’m not going to ramble a lot here, but I have a few things I want to share. I mentioned in a previous post I was waiting for some light fixtures to arrive with which I planned to decorate my room, and they finally came in. When it comes to lighting fixtures, authentic is the only way to go. Other furniture pieces can be cheap, but not light fixtures. They’re too cool a decorative element to ignore. There are two in my room, both featuring antique-styled Edisonian light bulbs (there’s a growing trend out there now favoring the use of the vintage-style filament bulbs, and they add a lot to any room.) Both fixtures together pose the unanswerable question “Deco or Nouveau?” but I think their brassy aesthetics compliment each other and thus add continuity and harmony to the room, despite them being of such drastically different design styles.

They are both intense fixtures, but my favorite of the two is the art deco bridge lamp. I like most vintage design styles, but I am especially drawn to pieces of styles that do not necessarily exemplify the style. In this case, this deco bridge lamp is rather unusual. The bridge portion almost looks retro-futuristic, like a jagged lightning bolt typical of some later style of futurism. The shade is completely original, made of mica. Hexagons are my favorite shape, so I particularly love it – and the radiating lines on each side are accentuated by the lines engraved into its octagonal base. Overall, a fantastic piece from the 20s in great working order, and one that possesses both opulence and rugged charm.

The second fixture is also from the 20s, but is quite quintessentially art nouveau. This four-armed electric fixture’s greatest feature is its green onyx body, which is both beautiful and complimentary when compared to the palms both inside and outside of the room. This fixture is most likely of French origin, which makes it a perfect match to my French bronze bear. The two elements make for a delightful vignette!

And speaking of authenticity, I thought I’d throw in a snippet about my bedding. I knew nothing of bedding before this, but after days of research I finally settled on an almost colonial, late 18th, early 19th century style bedspread. Very soft and extremely neat looking. The advantage of the bedspread is that it is easy to make, and it drapes almost all the way to the floor. How comfortable and inviting looking! With some parlor palms and a great piece of Imagineering artwork from Disneyland Paris, I’m very pleased with the antiqued aesthetic I was able to achieve! And don’t forget the fully-functional 1924 Victrola in the corner too! All the room needs now are some fur throws and a taxidermy weasel or two.

2 comments on “And God Saw The Light, And It Was Good

  1. Lynn
    September 5, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    Love the lights and the bedding! Sue said she likes the way your rooms looks now. It’s so different than when you moved in.

  2. Walter
    September 11, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    I enjoyed every watt of this article. 🙂

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