“Let Me Bow, Before The King”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got Boardwalk Empire fever. Now that’s good television. Actually, it’s superb television. The authenticity found within its romanticized 1920’s Atlantic City backdrop is inspiring. The perfect blend of fiction and factualness.

One of the most well-done elements of the show is the wardrobe. While not 100% accurate, it is, again, romanticized. They took the best components of 1920’s attire and intensified it by a thousand. The brightly colored checks, plaids and stripes used in their suits – that’s some sweet eye candy. Or, if we’re talking about an antiqued Atlantic City, it’s some sweet eye taffy. Does that make sense?

Since I began following the series, I’ve been searching for similar suits from the era. Now, that poses two challenges. The first is finding that 90+ year old suit that’s not caked in dust and moth holes. And two is finding that 90+ year old suit in my size. That’s the biggest challenge. Goddamnit, everybody out there is size “m” and “l.” What the hell happened to us “s” and “xs” folks? Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one.

Luck was on my side a few months ago, however. First time in years. And probably the last time for years too. A navy pinstriped suit turned up online that I ended up spending way more on than I thought I’d have to. Quite the bidding war ensued. Circa 1920’s. With the original tailor tag inside, indicting it as being of Chicago origin. Not exactly Nucky’s turf, but Torrio and Capone are cool too. Navy pinstripes, small peaked lapels, angled breast pocket, center vent and belted back. How I’ve yearned for an authentic suit with a belted back. And if those features weren’t enough to date it to its era, you can easily tell by its distinctive, long hourglass form. Notice how the jacket is longer than modern suit jackets. I had it modified with a small loop behind the left lapel through which I can stick a boutonniere should the opportunity to wear one arise. I’m showing it off here complete with a gold collar bar and a gold swordfish tie clip. As I was looking through my jewlrey box for an appropriate clip, I stumbled on it… didn’t even know I had it. But since this whole post is Boardwalk Empire inspired, a swordfish works!

That’s all for now. By the way, the quote in the title of this post is spoken by Mickey Doyle. One of my favorite characters in the whole show. Why do I always take a shine to the weasels? Hhhmhmhmhmhmhm (my best spelling of his signature snicker.)

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